NEO PRODUCT : “Appetizers B. SoundShower_0” 2021

“Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to C”: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto


“Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to Z”

→ We get information about the world through numerous channels based on media technology such as SNS, YouTube, and the internet. On the other hand, they give us a new pleasure but make us just tired of sorting out a lot of information. When did we intensively observe and think about one thing? Even though we probably update ourselves quickly with a lot of information, aren’t we living in an environment where the resolving power of our own ‘reading’ the flows becomes worse? When the flow of reading and understanding the world with the aid of the visual-centered media is getting stronger, have we ever read the world through ‘observation by hearing’ directly and instantly transmitted to me? In the 2018 solo exhibition of <Familiarity·Cumulation·Melting - Unfamiliar Translation of Everyday Life>, the artist presented works of making a space for agile listening through the potent sound triggers(by an apparatus) and composing the physical score. They allowed us to read unfamiliar from familiar things. While observing the visitors in his exhibition, the artist encountered the moments of immediately feeling how we were indifferent to the sound environment. People living in cities are exposed to tons of noise and massive amounts of sound layers. If these people enter the exhibition hall, it seems natural to look for visual intensity first rather than hearing. The artist intended to make visitors look at familiar things strange and think of them as triggers. However, if the visitors do not perceive something accurately, they will eventually recognize it in a familiar way while searching for a new reading. As his first work of ‘NEO product,’ therefore, the artist prepared ‘Appetizers for Indifferent Ears’ that can sharpen the sense of deteriorating hearing for a while and arouse an appetite for recognizing something. The series of ‘Appetizers for Indifferent Ears’ is based on the appreciation in a private space where one can concentrate on hearing or in a space where one can fully immerse oneself. The ‘Appetizers for Indifferent Ears’ will continue from A to Z, and this lineup introduces A, B, and C.

“Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to C”: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto

NEO product Manifesto / NEO PRODUCT Manifesto

  1. NEO product makes itself useful to the user’s mind.
  2. NEO product cuts off everything and makes the user focus on one thing.
  3. NEO product should be aesthetic.
  4. NEO product should be an apparatus with a clear purpose. Only then can it reveal its characteristics.
  5. NEO product should be an apparatus for long-term operation.
  6. NEO product should be continuously modified by various relationships and opinions.
  7. NEO product should make me reflect on seeing the object.

sound_shower NEO PRODUCT : Appetizers B. Sound Shower, 2021 / Raspberry Pi, Electronic parts, speaker, mixed media, dimensions variable

How to use
The act of a person washing their body with water, or getting water under a waterfall. These two have the meaning of purifying the body and mind. The sound shower aparatus acts as a mental trigger to move from the pre-washing state to the post-washing state.

사람이 물로 몸을 씻어내는 행위, 폭포 밑에서 물을 맞는 행위. 이 둘은 몸과 정신을 정화한다는 의미를 지닌다. 사운드 샤워 아파라투스는 생각을 씻어내기 전 상태에서 그 후로 이동하는 정신적 트리거 역할을 수행한다.

NEO product Manifesto and its first series of “Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to C”

NEO product Manifesto

→ The accelerating technology development not only makes life more convenient but is now becoming the most significant factor that affects culture, the way of thinking, and the social system. The way of consuming art as well as perceiving and embodying everything in life is also changing. Now, we will have to doubt and reread ‘the reality’ that we have previously believed. This project started with those ideas. The artist has been carefully looking at the form of ‘triggers’ that usually cause a change of thought with a device for performing and conveying something. This kind of interest changed into the idea that it would be nice if an object could play such a role in the artist’s everyday life. In the meantime, the artist came up with the idea of an object that could be installed not in museums but indoor spaces available for more ‘private immersion’; he focused on the form of ‘product’ in having an interest in objects that play various roles indoors, such as furniture and lightings. Until now, the purpose of products has been to increase actual efficiency and make things convenient in our daily lives. As having kept products indoors for a long time, people valued the aesthetic aspects as important as the functional aspects. Products have been required to be appropriately suited to spaces where they are placed, sometimes to have a strong presence, and asked to be made of forms that people would not get tired of even if they keep using them. Sometimes products that focused on aesthetic forms rather than their original functions are produced as well. In this exhibition, the artist would propose a new product format called ‘NEO product.’ As a long-term project, NEO product, which reorganizes the form of products anew and shows a new way of consuming and appreciating vision with hearing and art with sound, is introduced in several series. Above all, the NEO product aims to ‘make itself useful to the user’s mind (a switch of perspective changes)’ and to make me reflect on seeing the object. ‘NEO product’ is not fixed to the product’s efficient and mechanical functioning, but newly declares and defines a product as having the function of a thinking object. At the starting point for presenting novel values and moments to re-recognize the concept of a product. The artist does issue the manifesto composed of seven sentences with the NEO product prototype.

VR “Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to C”: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto

Loc2-86“Appetizers for Indifferent Ears from A to C”: NEO PRODUCT Manifesto, 2021, Installation view, ThisWeekendRoom