stones_for_decoding : NEO Suseok series (2020~ )

The artist observes and scans stones, rocks, and sound data from different places to collect the viewing stone called “suseok” as an act of observing and reflecting while keeping them in the shape of a stone to be seen for a period of time. Some stones are then selected and recombined through 3D sand printing as suseok (stones that are collected for their aesthetic qual- ities). Stone for *Decoding : NEO suseok series, recombines parts of existing viewing stones to cre- ate a new stone, and presents it in the exhibition space along with the sounds he recorded at sites where the original stones were found and the data of the surrounding environment the piece is installed. By turning the handle of the ‘NEO suseok’ like playing a wind music box, the audience observes the particular moment of rearrangement that happens in the venue as a “small datascape”.

후니다킴은 인간 생태계에 깊게 침투한 기술과 기술이 촉발하는 생태계의 변화에 주목해왔다. 이번 시리즈 작업는 여러 곳을 다니면서 물리적 돌을 채집하는 것이 아니라, 계속 바라보게 되는 형상의 돌의 데이터를 3D스캔하여 채집했다. 또한 그 돌들을 생성하게 하고 풍화시키는 환경(물, 바람소리 녹음)을 함께 채집 하였다. 그중 일부를 골라내어 재조합하여 “네오 수석"으로서 샌드 프린팅 된다. 〈디코딩을 위한 돌 (네오 수석 시리즈)〉은 각지의 돌 데이터를 채집하여 생성된 제3의 수석과 그 공간들에 있던 소리, 그리고 전시공간에 놓여진 곳에 환경 데이터를 조합하여 읽어내게 한다. 관객은 그런 “스몰 데이터 스케이프”로서의 ‘네오수석’을 오르골 처럼 돌리면서 실시간으로 재구성되고 변화하는 순간을 관찰하게 한다.

작가가 디지털 미디엄을 통해 읽어들인 돌을 관찰하고 리플렉션 할 수 있는 제 3의 수석으로 재해석하는 새로운 프로덕트 작업이다.

What is Suseok ?

Suseok (Korean: 수석), also called viewing stones or scholar’s stones, refers to natural stones with unique shapes, patterns, and colors that are mainly collected for indoor appreciation. Collecting and appreciating these stones has been one of traditional hobbies in Korea, China and Japan. More precisely, English Wikipedia classifies it into Suiseki in Japan, Suseok in Korea, and Gongshi in China.

Suseoks are divided into landscape stone, shape stone, water shape stone, pattern stone, color stone, and abstract stone. Usually Suceoks collected from the riverside or seaside are placed on a pedestal or a tray containing water or sand to appreciate. Cape_San_Martin_suiseki,_October_10,_2008© Suiseki in der Sammlung des National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, Washington, D.C.

NEO Suseok series

stones_for_decoding #01

<The 21st SONGEUN ArtAward> SONGEUN Art Space, 2021

stones-for-decoding-02 “stones_for_decoding #01: NEO suseok series 2021” sand 3D-printing, 32-bit microcontroller, stainless steel, aluminum, ToFsensor, temperature sensor, speaker, 120 × 120 × 130 cm / 2021

Photo by © HOONIDAKIM and SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation All rights reserved.

stones-for-decoding #00

< The Realness of Stone > this is not a church, 2020

panorama_DSC5512 “stones_for_decoding #00: NEO suseok series 2020” sand 3D-printing, 32-bit microcontroller, stainless steel, aluminum, ToFsensor, temperature sensor, speaker, 60 × 60 × 120 cm / 2020

_DSC5371 Photo by Taxu Lee