Air Sculptor / MetaMedia artist(Sound&Circuit MetaMedia)

Video Label Familiarity·Cumulating·Melting–Unfamiliar Translation of Everyday Life (Perigee Gallery, 2018) Sound installation, sound performing

Orchestra Jewelry (Hoonida-Labs / Re:craft/Cheongju Craft Biennale,2017) Sound Jewelry

Video Label SpaceComposition Sketch Ver1.0(Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art / 2017) Sound&Performance Workshop

Video Label Float3 Space Composition_showcase & hezukpress (Art Space Ujeongguk / 2015) Sound Performing+Manual Book

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HoonidaLabs hoonidalabs.com 2018.9mon update

Metamedia Collective Group PROTOROOM

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후니다 킴은 서울에서 조각을 공부했고, 이후 일본으로 건너가 사운드 아트와 테크놀로지를 공부했다. 현재 청각과 촉각을 중심으로 한 소리 환경 장치를 제작하여 설치와 퍼포밍을 통해 공기를 ‘소조’하여 새로운 생태계를 생성하는 작업을 하고 있다. 다빈치 크리에이티브, 도쿄 NTT 인터커뮤니케이션 센터, 아이치 트레날레 2016, 백남준 아트센터 등의 단체전에 참여했고, 개인전으로는《공간작곡_쇼케이스 솔로공연 & 헤적프레스》(2015, 아트스페이스 우정국, 서울),《공간작곡 “Sound Drawing”》(2016, SOBO.Tokyo, 도쿄), 《익숙함이·쌓이고·녹아내리는–일상에 대한 낯선 번역》(2018, 페리지 갤러리, 서울)이 있다.

또한 2014년부터 PROTOROOM(후니다 킴 과 김승범)이라는 이름으로 테크놀로지 매체 기반의 키트(KIT)로 작업을 하는 메타 미디어 콜렉티브로 활동하고 있다. 여기서 키트는 감각하고 사유를 이끄는 메타적 매체로서, 컴퓨팅 매체의 근본적인 요소를 직접 감각하는 기회와 함께 생태계의 일부화된 테크놀로지에 대한 사유과 담론을 가능하게끔 연결해주는 매개자가 된다. 이를 Tech x Kit x Critic 이라는 이름으로 전시, 워크숍 등의 작업으로 풀어내는 연작을 이어가고 있다.


Hoonida Kim was born in Seoul and studied sculpture, later moved to Japan to study sound art and technology. Currently he creates installation and performance, dealing with sense of auditory and touch as he is ‘modeling air.’ He has participated in group exhibitions such as “Lexical Gap” (DaVinci Creative, Geumcheon art space, 2014), “Media Art as an Awareness Filter/ICC Kids Program 2016” (NTT Intercommunication center, Japan, 2016), “Aichi Triennale 2016 LOCUS FABER TsukuLocca Project” (Aichi Prefetural Museum of art, 2016), and solo exhibitions such as “SOUND APPARATUS series H_01” (Gana art space, 2013), “SOUND APPARATUS series Space Composition” (Ujeongguk art space, 2015),"Space Composition / sound drawing"(japan, SOBO.TOKYO, 2016), Sound installation, sound performing.

Also Hoonida works as a member of PROTOROOM, a new media collective formed with Seungbum Kim to experiment on technology art and media literacy. They have developed a kit to create sensible transformation which happens while experiencing the transformation from an electronic digital signal to sensible light, sound, and movements. With utilizing this kit, they also give a lot of media workshops both in Korea and Japan.


フニダーキム。韓国ソウルで生まれ、大学で彫刻を専攻、その後日本でサウンドーアートとテクノロジーを学ぶ。現在は、主に聴覚と触覚に関するインストレーションやパフォーマンスを通して、空気を「モデリング」する作品を作る。近年の主なグループ展に「Lexical Gap:メディアアートの非言語的解釈」(2014年、ソウルダヴィンチクリエイティブ、グムチョンアートスペース)、ICC キッズ・プログラム 2016「気づきフィルター メディア・アートの要素を探してみよう」(2016年、NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター)、あいちトリエンナーレ2016「LOCUS FABER ツクロッカ」(2016年、愛知県美術館)、個展に「SOUND APPARATUSシリーズ、H_01」(2013年、ソウルガナアートスペース)、ソロパフォーマンス「SOUND APPARATUSシリーズ、空間作曲」(2015年、アートスペースUjeongguk),"Space Composition / sound drawing"(japan, SOBO.TOKYO, 2016), Sound installation, sound performing 等がある。

そして、スンボム・キムとメタメディア・コレクティヴ PROTOROOMを結成し、テクノロジーアートやメディア・リテラシーにおける実験を行っている。その一環として、感覚のトランスフォームを起こすキット、つまり、エレクトロニックなデジタル信号を感覚的な光、音、動きに変換するプロセスを体験するキットを開発し、このキットを使ったメディアワークショップを日韓両国で行っている。

[Solo Exhibition & Performance]


‹Familiarity·Cumulating·Melting–Unfamiliar Translation of Everyday Life›, Sound installation, sound performing, Perigee Gallery, Seoul, Korea


"Space Composition / sound drawing" (SOBO.TOKYO), Sound installation, sound performing, japan / 11mon


"Float3 Space Composition_showcase & hezukpress" (Art Space Ujeongguk), Sound Performing+Manual Book, korea / 11mon


"CUTOFF / SOUNDAPPARATUS SERIES" (Gana Art Space), Sound installation, korea / 1mon

[Selected Group Exhibition]


"Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2017 IN SEOUL"(Total Museum of Contemporary Art),installation & workshop, seoul, korea / 11mon (PROTOROOM)

“Our Bright Future-Cybernetic Fantasy”,(NamJunePaik Art Center),installation, seoul, Korea / 7~11mon (PROTOROOM)

"Re:craft/Cheongju Craft Biennale", sound jewelry , Cheongju, Korea / 9~10mon (Hoonida_Labs)


" Aichi Triennale 2016 LOCUS FABER TsukuLocca Project " ( Aichi Prefetural Museum of art), installation, japan /8mon

" Media Art as an Awareness Filer" (Tokyo, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]), installation, Tokyo,japan /7mon~8mon (PROTOROOM)


" CONSONARE / sound light scape " (3331Arts Chiyoda), sound Moduler kit project, Tokyo,japan /2mon


"Lexical Gap / Davinci Creative 2014" (korea, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon), sound sculpture /9mon


"CONSONARE luminous and sound device exhibition" (japan,nagoya), Wearable Module /1mon


" On the Eve of Tomorrow : Industry and Media Art / Davinci Idea " (korea, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon), sound sculpture /9mon

"CONSONARE LUMINANCE THREE OBJECT" (korea,platoon kunsthalle), Light module /9mon

"CONSONARE MINI EXHIBITION" (korea,platoon kunsthalle), Light module, Light Installation /11mon


"iamasonic" (japan,gifu softpia), Visual sound performance


"iamasonic" (japan,gifu softpia), sound performance

"3331 Presents Tokyo"(japan, tokyo 3331arts), sound performance


"HOME PARTY", Korea and Japan(korea,seoul Songwon Art Center), sound installation


"Terminal"" (japan, Yokohama BankArt Studio), sound performance and installation

"Traversing Territories 2008"(England, Notting Hill), sound performance and Exhibtion

"EXTENDED SENSES" (Korea, galleryloop), Visual sound performance

"EXTENDED SENSES" ( Tokyo, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] ), sound installation

"ogaki Biennale 08" (japan, ogaki)), Visual sound performance



"SpaceComposition Sketch (Ver1.0)" sound&performance (Korea,Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art ) 1mon

"Singapore Open Media Art Festival" Open Source Media workshop & Symposium (Singapore,Lasalle College of the Arts) 1mon


Making machine for production workshop 3day 3.31~4.2 ( Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, ArtFab) 3mon

Handmade electronic music_ workshop 3.27 (Korea, seoul,Campus D) 3mon

google X Kids Maker Studio workshop 3.19( Korea, Gwacheon National Science Museum ) 3mon

Machines : Creation x Criticism 2 2.20 ( Korea, PROTOROOM ) 2mon


ACT Festival / 1nput 0utput : sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal ( Korea,Asia Culture Center ) 11mon

UnMakeLab / 1nput 0utput : sensuous transforming of 0 | 1 signal ( Korea,Fabcoop ) 11mon

Machines : Creation x Criticism ( Korea,PROTOROOM ) 7mon


Haptic Soundcard - workshop ( Korea,ChongKunDang Kochon Foundation ) 12mon

Low Digital prototyping - Low Digital workshop ( Korea, ArtCenterNABI ) 10mon

Production Technique Workshop - CONDUCTIVE Digital ( Korea, Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon ) 9mon

Hacking Orchestra - Low Digital workshop ( Gwacheon National Science Museum) 8mon

Low Digital prototyping - Low Digital workshop ( Japan, IAMAS ) 7mon

Low Digital prototyping - CONDUCTIVE SYNTH V1.0 workshop ( Korea, ArtCenterNABI ) 6mon

Digital Fabrication - SOUND PLAYTHING V0.5 4Day (Gwacheon National Science Museum) 7mon


3D-Printed Instrument Art&Technology workshop ( Korea, Arko Museum ) 11mon

"CONSONARE 2013 luminous and sound device Workshop" Kaywon School of Art & Design ( Korea, Kaywon ) 6mon

iamas(Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences), ( japan,gibu ) 8mon

Nagoya Zokei Universily of Art & Design (japan,nagoya) 8mon

"Let's sound Drawing " (korea,Haja Center) 8mon

"CONSONARE Light Kraft" ( japan,nagoya ) 1mon


"CONSONARE Lighting&Audio Device" (korea,platoon kunsthalle) 7mon

"CONSONARE SoundDrawing Device" (korea,platoon kunsthalle) 7mon

"Let's sound Drawing " (korea,Haja Center) 8mon


2014 Seoul Art Space Geumcheon 5th Davinci creative festival selected artist

2012 Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon 3rd Davinci idea festival selected artist

2012 Seoul Kunsthalle Platoon Residence artist

[brand collaboration]

2013 ELOQUENCE x NIKE Flyknit Lunar1+ Innovation to Art


Kaywon School of Art & Design , Sculpture Major

College of Art kookmin University, Sculpture Major

Musashino Art University Imaging Arts and Sciences, Graduate School, M.D

IAMAS, Dynamic Sensory Programming Course


2015~ now / Korea National University of Arts

2012~ now / Kaywon University of Art and Design

2012~2013.12 / Korea National University of Arts

2014~2015.6 / seoul institute of the arts